Richard Young exhibitions

A Provincial Life retrospective catalogue cover


  • Bluecoat Gallery 1972  and 1987
  • Liverpool Academy 1974
  • Bede Gallery, Jarrow  1975
  • John Moores purchase  1975
  • Cleveland International Drawing Exhibition 1975
  • Riverside Gallery, Hammersmith  1982
  • Haywood Annual 1982
  • Liverpool University, School of Architecture.  Richard Young and his young contemporaries, 1982
  • Royal Academy Summer Show 1986
  • Acorn Gallery (group show)  1986
  • Bridewell Gallery 1986 and 1987
  • Ayling Porteous Gallery  1988
  • John Moores 1991
  • Acorn Gallery 1991

Acorn Gallery flyer 1992

  • Merkmal Gallery (group show) 1992
  • Williamson Gallery (group show) 1992
  • Orrell Art Gallery 1993
  • Williamson Gallery: A Provincial Life – retrospective 1994
  • The View Gallery, Gostins  1999

The View Gostins flyer 1999

  • Cornerstone Gallery: Richard ‘Dick’ Young …Quite Charming 2008
  • Gostins Gallery 2008

Brushes and memorabilia on display at Gostins 2008

Works also shown at:

  • Clare College, Cambridge
  • New Arts Centre, London
  • and in Belfast, Salford, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle

Exhibition Flyer Orrell Arts Centre 1994

Work in Collections:

  • Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
  • Williamson Art Gallery
  • Liverpool University
  • Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Liverpool Schools collection
  • Various private collections

4 comments on “Richard Young exhibitions

  1. Lis Edgar says:

    Hi his brushes aren’t for sale they are part of my personal collection. But I am displaying some work that is in Ye Cracke pub and I have some in my shop Collage Collectables & Fine Art, The Basement, 16 – 18 Newington (formerly Gostins).
    Dick was a very dear friend and inspires me daily, thank you Gerry for this excellent website.
    Lis Edgar

    • Gerry says:

      Lis – I’m very pleased that you found the blog, and that it stands up to scrutiny by one who knew Dick well (I didn’t, but instead have relied greatly on the guidance provided by Frank Milner, formerly of the Walker, who did know Dick; it was his paintings by Dick that inspired me to start this blog. I will certainly go along to the Cracke and Collage (I’ve corrected the caption) to see your Dick Young exhibits. Is there a closing date? And would you be interested in writing an appreciation of Dick to be posted here?

  2. Paul McKee says:

    There was an exhibition at the school of architecture around 1980 called something like Richard Young and his young contemporaries. The young contemporaries included myself, Peter Valentine, Janine pinion and a few others. I notice it is not in your list. Great site btw

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