Gallery 1: Interiors

Dick Young interiors on the BBC Your Paintings website

Large InteriorWilliamson Art Gallery

The largest painting made by Richard Young, composed of four panels bolted together, it shows the interior of the artist’s flat.

Morning Interior 1957: University of Liverpool Victoria Gallery & Museum

Young began working as an electrician in Liverpool in 1958.  He soon joined the Liverpool Academy of Art and later attended life drawing classes at the School of Art.  There his teachers included George Mayer Martin (whose work is also in the Uniersity collection).  Young’s paintings are generally centred around the home, whether interiors or views from windows.  This work is at base level a self-portrait, the artist shown relaxing with a cigarette, wearing a stripy dressing gown.  To the left is a detailed still-life of a breakfast table.  In the background are further figures, one seated reading a paper, the other lying on a sofa.  Young has manipulated the viewing point of the picture, skilfully joining together various elements of the room to create a complete image.


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