To come: recollections by those who knew Dick Young or collected his pictures, plus assessments of his work and notes on the contemporaneous Liverpool art scene.


8 comments on “Context

  1. Pauline Amos says:

    thank you – I enjoyed this site – I used to see Mr Young around Liverpool, I grew up in Liverpool, went to art school in Hope place and worked at the Everyman.
    what gallery looks after his work?

    many thanks

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Gerry
    I was close to Dick when I worked in Ye crack pub in Liverpool during the 90’s. He was working on my portrait but we never managed to complete it for various reasons. Any way, I have a post card which he sent to me. It starts “From a hairless old rat” and he writes a poem by Carol Ann Duffy who he admired. He signs off with his usual D I Y with Love to Lisa. would you like me to scan it and send it to you? This site is a wonderful tribute to my dear friend.

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks for your generous comments about the blog. Yes, I would appreciate a scan of the postcard, which of course I would attribute.
      If you would like to contribute a few words on Dick Young – memories, or an appreciation – that would help deepen the portrait of him presented by the blog.

      • Lisa says:

        Good heavans there are so many many memories that I have of Dick and our time together. I would be happy to contribute. It would be a real pleasure and a wonderful trip down memory lane for me. I was in my early 20’s when I met Dick and he was facinating to me for many reasons. Would you like me to contribute here on this page? I have so much to say that I would like to gather my thoughts first and decide on where to begin. Whare do I send the images of the postcard?

        kind regards

        Lisa Brown

      • Gerry says:

        Thanks, Lisa. It would be great to receive a contribution from you. I will email you with further details.

  3. oe12 says:

    What a lovely tribute to Dick Young. I met him often around 1982/83 when a friend shared his flat in Bedford Street. I often visited and remember his wonderful dry sense of humour and his interest in poetry. I have a drawing of his and two paintings. One is ‘The letter small’ and the other ‘Still life with mirror’

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